Date:  Sunday 6th August 2017


Location: Watford & Bracknell


Special Occasion: Church service and barbecue at Debbie’s home in Watford


I spoke in Watford and Bracknell. It was a busy day! Both lessons are available via the Watford and Thames Valley YouTube channels and their respective podcasts.

For the Watford service, we sat in a circle outside. The sunshine was a bonus! I taught a lesson on the calling of Levi (Luke 5) with discussion/interaction. I liked the informal atmosphere. It felt more like what Jesus did in homes and impromptu teaching sessions.

Bracknell was a different setting. I attempted to bring extra impact to the lesson using three methods.

  1. Good slides
  2. An interactive physical illustration (water, a colander and bucket were involved)
  3. Personal vulnerability

Whether that worked is a judgment you will have to make after watching the video. I’d be interested in your feedback. Please leave a comment below.

Note to self: consider different approaches to a lesson in different locations

Music Worship

Watford: We sang in Debbie’s garden. There’s something special about singing outdoors. I hope we didn’t offend the neighbours. As far as I know, no one complained.

Bracknell: the team gave their hearts. The PA was a nightmare! It was one of those days when you wonder if we’re getting it all wrong using amplification! Memo for next time in Bracknell – voices only. Until we get the PA experts back from holiday we need to cut our losses and go for the easy option – which means no instruments.

A practice that did go well was congregational reading of scripture. I had the church recite Psalm 130 twice. Once at the beginning of the service and again before the sermon. I hoped this would cement the text more clearly in the hearts and minds before I spoke on it. When I say it went well, I mean I think it was worth trying. The impact on the congregation is a little harder to judge.

Note to self: keep it simple when other factors make a service more complicated

Other Thoughts

Preaching and leading the worship team in Bracknell was too much. Next August I need to not preach when the other instrumentalists and the PA experts are away on holiday. It’s too much to think about at once.

Last week I said I would:

  1. Prepare the first set well for Bracknell – done
  2. Add personal vulnerability to my sermon in Bracknell – done

The focus for next Sunday:

  1. Lower Earley: Double-confirm who is leading which song by Friday at the latest
  2. Watford: Add personal vulnerability to my sermon in Watford

Please comment on what you’re doing locally with your services. What are you trying that’s working? What is God teaching you? Share reflections with us so we can grow and please God.

You can leave a comment below.

God bless,