Ecology and Theology

God loves what he makes. That’s true of a galaxy, a planet, a human being and a microbe.

My wife and I have always enjoyed nature, science and God. Our interest in the connections between theology and ecology are more recent. A decade or two. I have spoken on these issues in the past, but recent events have stimulated a renewed interest. I sense a greater urgency to do something.

The page you have found is part of that effort. It’s designed to be a repository of articles, talks, and various resources. I hope they stimulate study, discussion and action.

Please message me with your comments and questions.

God bless, Malcolm

23 March 2021

The theology of ecology – part1

Recommended Reading

  • Caring for creation: Biblical and theological perspectives, edited by Sarah Tillett
  • Stewards of Eden: What Scripture says about the environment and why it matters, Sandra L. Richter

Interesting websites

Audio Recordings

“Caring for Creation”
A talk I gave at a conference in 2008.

Recent articles and videos of interest

Music for worship with theologically informed ecological themes

An initiative by Resound Worship – Doxecology Pre-Orders.