South East

I was invited to speak at a special invitation service in Eltham, South East London today. Part of the service included a very powerful performance of a song I did not know called, “I am not forgotten”. What made it all the more impressive was the energy expended despite the great heat in the hall!

I spoke on Lk 10:25ff, on the topic of “Who is my neighbour”? Then we had a picnic lunch in the grounds of the school. Apart from melting in the heat it was a great day. Especially encouraging was fellowship with Tosin (the son of our good friends Toks and Bola) who was baptised into Christ on Friday. A fine young man!


Funerals always teach me something, or remind me of something. We were burying Ingrid’s brother Joe. Hundreds came. Standing room only. I was the nervous organist! But the outpouring of grief was powerful and evidence of love. No love, no grief. No grief, no love. Funerals expose love through grief.