Lydia's 21st birthday is on Monday. So the family have decamped to Centreparc in Elveden forest for the weekend. Rabbits, deer, squirrels, mallard and much other wildlife has wandered past the windows of our chalet.

The dog (who we brought with us) has been entertained by all this and, considering, has been remarkably restrained!

Dinner last night was fun. Fred had his first plate of mussels, and tesco clubcard vouchers paid the bill. Thank you, Tesco.

Just a Minute

Fulfilling lifetime ambitions do not happen very often, but one was crossed off the list this week. A friend called David had two tickets to the show, "Just a Minute" so we went together.

I listened to the show as a young child and always wanted to be in the audience. Nicholas Parsons is still in the chair after over 30 years and just as funny as ever. Paul Merton was on great form as one of the pannelists, and the audience were entranced by the improvisational wit of the speakers.

It might have been a long wait to fulfill this ambition, but it was well worth it.


Penny's boss and his wife look after injured bats. When they go on
holiday we sometimes look after a bat or two.

Hence the picture of Nigel. He is a noctule bat and was quite quiet,
although he danced around when his maggot dinner was presented to him.

Jack the dog was scared of Nigel, but as much as our cleaner!


Following on from a previous post also dealing with faulty wording, what do you make of this sign I found in the Northwood Costa Coffee toilets? Perhaps I am being pedantic, but is it really that hard to write a sign so that it says what it means?