First “Swim”

Many years ago when Jack the dog was just a puppy we took him for a walk around a country park called Bentley Priory. All the family were there and we had a great time watching Jack's behaviour as he discovered sticks, ducks and many things for the first time.

There was one 'first' he did not enjoy. Half way round the lake we came across the water channel in the picture above. At Fred's encouragement Jack tried to leap from the side onto the central section. He slipped and plunged into the water completely disappearing from sight. Penny was nearest and, fishing around in the murkey water, quickly found him and hauled him to the surface by the scruff of his neck.

He was a sorry, soggy mess – and terrified to boot! Jack hardly went near water for years, but now he seems fine. Today's visit to the same spot did not produce any negative reaction.

Art or food?

On a short break away, Penny & I were served works of art as desert. It felt like a crime to eat it, but stomach overcame cerebral hesitancy.

What made it particularly impressive was that this was served in a restaurant on a camp site. Art never tasted so good in such an unlikely place!

Disposable Bins

Herewith the instructions in the toilet of Costa Coffee in Northwood. Am I the only one who thinks they don't mean the bins are disposable?

One man went to mow

Our garden is not large, and the lawn is small – but it does need mowing every now and then.  The project is not big, but it is made more challenging by the fact that our dog, Jack, seems to have a mental breakdown every time we get the mower out.  The video shows you his reaction.  Any ideas as to how to help him calm down?!

Birthday surprise

Last night Penny & I went to a 50th birthday party. It was for Diane – a neighbour whose son Gavin used to go to school with our son Fred. She was very surprised since her sons and husband had planned it all without her getting a sniff of what was coming.

The food was excellent and piled high. We met many interesting local people, friends and relatives of Diane. To cap it all, Elvis was there!


Fred and I have a tradition of Saturday lunches together going back over 10 years. With very few exceptions due to illness or travel we have enjoyed a bite every week at a variety of places.

Our newest favourite spot is the Duck in the Pond where two main meals can be had for £7. Cheaper than a cafe! Fred is a little camera-shy, however. Off home now for the second half of the rugby.

Damp Dinner

Jack the dog may have been a Sith Lord in a previous life if this picture tells us anything! After an especially wet walk with Fred he was towelled up as he ate dinner. We love our dog for many reasons, but one of the main ones is for the laughs he gives us.

Bank Holiday Monday

There can't be a better way to spend a bank holiday than lunching with my folks, Carolyn and Wilson in the beautiful garden belonging to my parents. The sun shone, the birds sang and my sister's cherry cake was the business.


While walking the dog at Ruislip Lido we came accross this grey plastic bat box. It is about 20 feet up a tree and looks rather incongruous. We have bat-friends who look after ill and injured bats in their spare time. I wonder if they know abiut this box?

Let slip

I passed by another of our old dwellings today. Red Lodge in Ealing was our home for one year – 1989. It is memorable for several reasons chief amongst which was the occasion when Lydia, fresh from the bathtub as a baby, pushed her legs against my chest and flew onto the floor headfirst. Luckily they bounce at that age!