Our final night away was in a campsite on the edge of the lake district. The view is towards the lakes. In the morning we packed up, drove to Manchester for church, and headed home in the afternoon.

The final day in Scotland saw us do some shopping in Glasgow to replace the stolen laptop, bibles and various other bits.

Then it was on to a model "suburban" garden. We ate a hurried lunch before seeking shelter from the storm that broke over us. The apple store kept us dry.

The next campsite is Cashel, on the banks of Loch Lomand. The Loch is calm this evening as we cook dinner and eat outside. Anti-midge spray has been slathered everywhere and is keeping them at bay.

The drive down the West side of the Loch was narrow, but beautiful. We popped into the Makintosh designed Hill House. Lunch was at Banoch country park.

Pen made a fabulous breakfast of eggs, mushrooms and beans. All accompanied by bread, grapefruit juice, tea and grapes.

The Scottish sun shone so bright and strong this morning that we read and ate outside at 7.30am in what can only be described as sunbathing weather!

I am now going to risk shorts for the day.

On a walk around the woods near to our campsite I came across this strangely-shaped tree. What has made it bend over like this, sending one branch vertically into the air from the apex of the arch?

This picnic spot had a beach and seaweed.

The mist (and rain!) approaching.

Another stunning view

A wet & windy (and sunny) walk provided these spectacular views down several Glens. We took a gondola ride to near the top and then walked to a superb viewpoint not far from Ben Nevis.

The intrepid photographer at work