Refurbishing the Charter House Lounge – can you help?

This week I received a message from my good friend Matt Penny, chaplaincy team leader at the YMCA in Watford.

Exciting news! We are now in the opening planning stage of re-decorating, re-flooring and refurbishing the Residents Lounges at Charter House. We are planning and hoping to have this completed by the end of November.

I am just emailing to ask if you feel your Church might be willing to give financially to make this work possible? We are particularly in need of furniture, or funds to purchase. A sturdy cleanable sofa costs around £500 and we will need a number of these. Our plan is that whatever furniture we receive can come into the new Residents areas when the total re-furb of Charter House is complete.

We are also looking for people to help decorate alongside our community partners and residents on a workday, so we will let you know more about that once dates are finalised.

Miraculously, completely out of the blue, B&Q St Albans got in touch to say we had been selected for a workday with up to £1,000 of items from the store! God is indeed good and knows how to provide before we even ask.

I’m also wondering if you know a plasterer who might give their time for free? We’ve got some boards that need covering before painting and although it’s temporary, anything that makes it look plus on the quality would be amazing.

Thanks so much,


If you can help, please drop me a line and I will get in touch with Matt.

God bless, Malcolm