Sermon on the Mount Series

“Kingdom Come”Sermon on the Mount Series: Fourteenth Lesson, Matthew 7.13-23
Two WaysLearning Objectives – motivation to:

  1. Stay on the right road
  2. Stay alert
  3. Stay sincere


  • QUESTION: Highlights so far?
  • Contrast with Matt 7.12. What that does not look like.
  • An anti-postmodernism section par excellence!

1. Two Ways

  • Choice: Jer. 21:8
  • The gates: ’stene (“narrow,” v13) and tethlimmene (v14), “tribulation”, Matt 5:10-12, 44; 10:16-39; 11:11-12; 24:4-13.”
  • Leads to life – the hearers have not entered yet. They must make a choice.
  • Many / Few: Luke 13:22-30 / Rev 7:9
  • Find it: Ties in with Matt 7.7-8.
  • Warning – when you see a wide gate, reject it and search for a narrow one.
  • Life: It’s Jesus! Jn 10.9. Find him and you find the gate – and life.
  • QUESTION: How can we recognise when we are ‘going with the flow’?

2. Two Trees 

  • Didn’t take long:  2 Peter 2:1; 1 John 4:1–3; Revelation 2:20.
  • Wolves: Acts 20.29-30
  • QUESTION: How can we recognise the wolves?
  1. Bad…………….
  2. False………………..
  3. Unhealthy……………….
  • Jesus: Jn 10.11-13.
  • Not a doctrinal but an ethical test.

3. Two Claims

A. Claims to be a disciple

  • Calling him “Lord’ – kyrios 
    • Know but refuse – Matt 19.16-30
    • On their terms – Matt 8.18-22
  • Key issue – “only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 7,21

B. Charismatic activity

  • Jesus is welcoming of anyone on his ‘side’ (Mark 9.39-41), but anyone claiming a relationship with him must do so with respect. Acts 19.11-20!
  • “What you really mean, Jesus is …………..”
  • QUESTION: How could this warning apply to us?


  • Two Fridays’ time sharing about what been helpful etc.
  • Discuss with friends and bring something to share if you like in 2 weeks’ time

Please add your comments on this week’s topic. We learn best when we learn in community. 

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