Sermon for the Watford church of Christ

Introduction, v0
QUESTION: “What does it mean to be content?”
The goal is contentment
NOT proud, BUT content, THEREFORE vision
Hope not possible without contentment
Spurgeon said it “ one of the shortest psalms to read, but one of the longest to learn.”

  1. The Problem, v1
    What led to this decision? Presumably he had this problem. “NOT” X 3.
    A. Why are we not content?
    Comparisons with others – God does not accept me
    Anxiety/Fear – God is not enough, cannot be trusted
    Realisation we are not in control and we cannot manipulate God to get what we want
    Some things God does not reveal: (Deut 29:29)
    Selfish ambition: (Ecclesiastes 4:8 NIV11)
    B. The issue is NOT
    Ambition: (Philippians 3:12–14)
  2. The Solution, v2
    Humility (Matthew 18:2–5). Self-awareness – we need God.
    Aware of God’s presence and strength
    Bathsheba – aware of her / Goliath – aware of God – 1 Sam 17.37; 45-47
    Hebrews 13:5 – Want God more than things
    Philippians 4:11–13
    QUESTION: “What helps you to be content?”
  3. The Vision, v3
    Hope not possible without contentment
    Living in hope
    Blessing others – active, not passive
    (Philippians 4:2–9 NIV11)

Jesus’ inspiration – Confident in identity, value, Father’s love
Therefore – courage to serve and sacrifice
True contentment leads to the freedom to serve

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