Ps62v5I’ve grown to enjoy using the meditations on the “Christian Mindfulness” website. A couple of new meditations have been posted recently and I promised to review them once I’d used them myself. Here, then is my review of the first.

To begin with, some basic information.

The “Resting in God” meditation is based on Psalm 62:5, “Find rest O my soul in God alone”. It is 15 minutes long and contains periods of silence.

I especially liked the introduction which reminded me that I am forgiven of all my sins and am justified before God due to the righteousness of Christ credited to me. This helped to settle me into the right frame of spiritual mind before beginning the meditation proper.

For my taste, the instructions about settling into a comfortable position are a little over-detailed. I’d prefer a simpler, “find somewhere comfortable to sit, kneel or lay” or something of that order.

The appeal to turn our attention to Christ himself was helpfully qualified by the phrase, “as much as you are able”, which is a comfort given that some days this seems to be easier than others.

The remainder of the meditation proceeded as a series of silences punctuated by repetition of Psalm 62.5, “Find rest O my soul in God alone”. I found this valuable in helping my mind be called back to its proper locus. The gaps between the repetitions were just right. The slight background hiss that came and went as the voice appeared and disappeared was a little distracting. A superior recording environment might be helpful.

Overall, this was one of my favourite meditations on the site, and I have already used it a second time.

Please check the site out if you are interested in Christian meditation and mindfulness. Let me know if you have found similar resources from which you think other people might benefit.

God bless,