Recently I heard two lessons which contained lots of good truth, but lacked clarity. My own sermons have often been guilty of the same flaw.

Mark Kermode mentioned a film that had lots of good ideas. He admired those ideas but they didn’t form a coherent whole. Therefore the film lacked focus – it was confusing.

Rather like a film or TV show which has so many characters you struggle to remember names and who they all are.

I experienced this when watching “Avengers Endgame”. So many characters! Not a problem if you are already invested (like my son), but not if you are new to the franchise. Our new-to-the-faith listeners need less information well delivered.

Interesting that Jesus’s lessons seem to be so clearly focused on one particular idea: note the parables.

How do we decide that central theme?

Intersection of three things:

  1. Pastoral needs
  2. Prayer
  3. Passage

What do you do to focus in on one theme?

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