Date: Sunday 9th April

Locations: Lower Earley and Watford

Special occasion: none


Myself and Tim (on the left) spoke in Watford and Lower Earley respectively. Joe Cronje shared the communion talk in Watford, and his stand-out idea was to ask us all the feel our pulse, close our eyes and then listen as he read scrpiture about the blood of Jesus being poured out of his veins for our sins. A powerful illustration. The Culwocks had their children with them for the welcome and prayer in Lower Early, and the young girls both prayed. Very cute and encouraging. This also helped the children and families to be visible and valued – an objective from last week.

Today’s lesson: consider using more tactile illustrations like Joe’s.


Both services started on time, which was an objective from last week. We also prayed together in both locations before starting. The set up in Bracknell was accomplished more smoothly than usual. The children joined in with one of the Watford songs, “Open the eyes of my heart”. It was not planned, but spontaneous – lovely to see.  The first song in LE did not go smoothly due to Mike & I not being clear on repeats. We need to write down the details of repeats.

Today’s lessons: when children are in the service, plan to be spontaneous when the opportunity presents itself! Write down the chorus repeats in songs.


Tim’s sermon connected well because it was about real life challenges and the congregation know he had personal experience. Joe’s communion connected (see above). My sermon on Lk 19 went OK, I think. We had a fair bit of group work, which was very interesting. On reflection, I wonder if the questions I gave the groups were precise enough.

Today’s lessons: tactile illustrating help; think through group questions more carefully

Other Matters

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Last week I said we would prioritise:

  1. Keep children and families visible and valued – done
  2. Fewer chairs – forgot
  3. Start on time – done

This week I’ll prioritise:

  1. Think through chorus repeats and write them down
  2. Fewer chairs
  3. Start on time

Let me know your ideas. You can leave a message here, or send me an email:

God bless,