Date: Sunday 30th April

Locations: Lower Earley and Watford

Special occasion: none


Barry Edwards spoke eloquently in Watford and I preached in Lower Early. We tried a mixed teaching/small group approach in Lower Earley and three people told me they enjoyed the interactive style. I know this suits some people, but not others, so I’ll not do it every week, but it was good to hear that it worked for some. Barry gave us some good insights from Luke 19 – I think it’s so important to have a variety of speakers. We all have different life experiences and perspectives, which, when brought to the Biblical text, enrich us all. The communion in Lower Earley by Richard Bailey contained a very striking mental image. It reminded me that painting a clear and compelling picture using words is sometimes just as effective as using an image or prop.

Today’s lesson: continue to have a variety of speakers. Consider using a mental image in my next lesson.


The Watford service was relaxed and started just about on time. The Lower Early service started late, but there was not a lot we could have done about it. We prayed together before starting in both places. The singing in Lower Earley was helped by Rudie’s selection of songs which were varied in tempo and style. I especially liked his slower take on “Come, now is the time to worship” which led to a more reflective sense of worship. Some of the songs did not end well.

Today’s lessons: consider experimenting with different tempos for songs – faster and slower. Work on the end of songs in the practice session.


The connection in both places was good today, although Watford lacked a little energy. Perhaps some absentees and latecomers did not help.

Today’s lesson: consider how to inspire people to arrive on time.

Other Matters

  • The setting up in Lower Earley, for the most part, went well. We’re getting better at sticking to our tasks. The laminated set up sheet helped.

Today’s lesson: continue to work at making the set up slick so we can spend more time on the songs.

Last week I said we would prioritise:

  1. Involving children – happened in the welcome in Watford. Needs continued focus.
  2. Think through chorus repeats and write them down – again. Need to establish the habit. – needs more work
  3. Start on time – Watford, but not Lower Earley

This week I’ll prioritise:

  1. Ending songs well
  2. Children’s involvement
  3. Do one song at an unexpected tempo

Let me know your ideas. You can leave a message here, or send me an email:

God bless,