Date: Sunday 2nd July

Location: Wellington Country Park

Special Occasion: outdoor service for the Thames Valley Church

After last week’s adventure in Dunstable for the Watford church, it was the turn of the Thames Valley church to go outdoors this week. We took everybody to Wellington country park for our annual outdoor service and barbeque.  Personally, I was relieved to see the sunshine. The last two years it’s rained on me!


The speakers all injected the energy required to communicate in an open space. I was especially pleased to see the zeal and joy exhibited by the youngest speakers, Ben & Emily. Not to mention the excellent reading of scripture by our teen, Bryana. The younger members continue to give me cause to be confident of the future. CJ used a prop for his communion – very helpful. My own sermon was well received (feedback welcome, please). Positive comments included its brevity, applicability to visitors, clarity of the single point, the inclusion of children, and interactivity. My own reflection is that I hit all the main things I wanted to achieve, but at times could have spoken slower for greater clarity. Video is up here.

Note to self: I remembered to instruct all speakers on the need for energy and extra clarity – it made a difference. Thus must to remember to give guidance when circumstances vary from the norm.


Music Worship

The singing was good – perhaps the best of the last 3 years. The chairs were nearer the musicians, and this helped us feel we were worshipping together. All the songs worked well bar one – “Indescribable“. A super song, but a trickier tune than some, and not upbeat enough for the pre-sermon slot. An adjustment we can easily make for next time.

Note to self: next year keep the chairs close


Other Thoughts

Last week I said:

  1. I will emphasise to all speakers the significance of being ready to move up front to do their part – done. Made a significant difference to the flow.
  2. I will not be at the Watford service this week, but I will ask the speakers and song leader (Danny) if there is any way I can support them in my absence – done

Focus for next Sunday:

  1. Agree in advance who is leading which song at Lower Earley
  2. Set myself the goal of a sub-25 minute sermon in Watford


Please comment on what you’re doing locally with your services. What are you trying that’s working? What is God teaching you? Share reflections with us so we can grow and please God.

You can leave a comment below.

God bless,