“Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people.”
(Matthew 4:23 NIV11)

What is the Gospel?
Matthew 4:23
If Jesus talked about kingdom, so should we, and we should think about it.

1. What does the OT reveal?
Daniel 2:44
Daniel 7:13–14
Matt 28:17–20

2. What did Jesus say?
Mark 1:14–15
Luke 4:43
Luke 11:19–20
Character: Matthew 13:24
Imminence: Luke 9:27, Luke 9:61–62

3. What does it mean?
Purely personally internal
The hour of a person’s decision
Mythical symbol
Present with / in Jesus
Kingdom present functioning as precursor to coming perfected kingdom
Acts 1:6
“The community or people ruled by God and with whom he dwells, to some extent reality now but to be fully consummated in the future”

4. When is it coming?
Luke 19:11
Luke 17:20–21
Matthew 12:28
Luke 1:32–33

5. How can I participate?
John 3:5

6. What should be my response?
Enjoy the abundant (eternal) life now
Receive kingdom / receive eternal life
Matthew 19:16
Matthew 19:23
John 5:24

Through death of self
Luke 18:17
Luke 9:23
Not self-centred denial
But, Christ-centred denial

Leading to eternal impact
Matthew 24:14

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