AIM UK & Ireland Spiritual Life Module

“The spiritual life is not a life of laws and precepts but a life of participation, affection and love, a life mingled and mixing with God.”

William Law


The Bible places far more emphasis on who we are inside than how we behave or appear to others. We have all seen too many people we know fall, not rebounding but remaining fallen, due to a weak walk with the Lord–while others continue to go forward to do great things despite formidable obstacles. 

Are you looking to strengthen your relationship with God and deepen your understanding of Christian spirituality? Look no further than the AIM Spiritual Life Course, an in-person and online course designed to enhance and guide your spiritual journey. The course covers character, sexual issues, financial responsibility, spiritual disciplines such as fasting, prayer, meditation, scripture, devotional reading, and so much more—the secret of mirroring Christ’s character: the inner spiritual life.

Teachers include Douglas Jacoby, Andy Boakye and Malcolm Cox. At the live session on 23 March we will cover the crucial topics of growing through suffering (Andy Boakye), discipleship as the door to life to the full (Malcolm Cox) and the joys of personal spiritual growth (Douglas Jacoby). Additionally, you will have access to specialised teaching from many others on-line after the event.

Join our worldwide community of learners and experience the transformative power of Christian spirituality.

More Information


Location: West Watford Free church, Tolpits Lane, Watford WD18 6NU
Date & Time: Saturday 23rd March 2024, 9:30AM – 2.45PM
Registration & Payment:
Cost: £20 for the day; £75 for the entire module
Refreshments: Light lunch, hot and cold drinks
Transport: Nearest stations — Watford Junction (35 mins walk), Watford High Street (30 mins walk), Watford Metropolitan Line (20 mins walk).
Parking: Free parking onsite and adjoining roads

If you have any questions please drop me a line.

God bless, Malcolm