A sermon for the Watford church of Christ


  1. What do we learn about Esther’s relationship with Mordecai?
    Obedient to him
    B. Concerned for him
    C. Protective of him
    D. Generous to him
  2. What do we learn about Mordecai’s relationship with Esther?
    B. By challenging her to accept responsibility
    C. Obedient – Accepts her instructions
    D. Cooperative – Worked with her
  3. What do we learn about men and women working together?
    A. Different circumstances, same devotion to God, each doing their part
    B. Accept their Vulnerability
    C. Summary

What do we learn about their work together?
Gifts — They bring different gifts to the table.
Opportunity — They have different opportunities because of the circumstances, and take responsibility for doing what they can.
Necessary — They are necessary to each other fulfilling God’s will, for their life and blessings that come to others through them
Influence — Neither is dominant, both have an influence on one another
Authority — Both ‘command’ the other

What do we learn about God?
He rewards faith — expressed in sacrifice and courage
Esther depends on God, not her beauty in declaring a fast – 4:16
Esther asks Mordecai to gather all of God’s people in Susa for three days of fasting and prayer. She refuses to try to achieve this mission based on her beauty and her cleverness and her influence, though they are great. John Ortberg, Overcoming your shadow mission
Declaring a fast indicates a dependency on God 4:16
Mordechai has mentioned that rescue may come from another place, indicates his faith in God 4:14

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