Could you help me with something? It’s to do with the Kingdom of God. Later this year (October) I will be teaching a four-week series on this topic for the Thames Valley churches of Christ.
I’ve started researching and preparing – it’s a huge subject! I want to make sure we cover aspects of the Kingdom that are most relevant and significant, since we cannot tackle every aspect, nuance and theory in four weeks.
Hence, I’d be grateful if you could send me your top question about the Kingdom. In other words, if there was one question about the Kingdom that you could have answered, what would that be? Or, if there was one issue about the Kingdom that you would like clarified or explained, what would that be?
You can leave a message here, or email me on
Many thanks, and God bless,
P.S.  Please pray for me as I prepare. I am excited, but not a little daunted!