Roelien kindly took some time out of her busy homeschooling routine to share with me what they did in the Dorset Church of Christ with the children’s ministry last Sunday.

You will learn about the value of preparing the parents as much as the children, the need for simplicity and how to create meaningful interaction.

We are all rather new at this game, but there is something everyone can learn from Roelien.

Please let me know what you did where you are and what you are learning. The email is:

Roelien’s email to the parents:

Parents and Teachers for age 3-8
Dear All
Below please find the Zoom invitation link to tomorrow’s first virtual children’s class.
Please sign in at 9:50 so that we can start at 11am. (Malcolm note to teachers to not let meeting start without you as you might run out of time if you have free zoom account)
For the best experience please use the biggest screen you have, either computer or laptop. 
Please have it positioned so that we can see your children clearly. Make sure the angle is good. 
There will be some singing with actions so make sure you have a space to move around as a family in front of the screen, There will be a bit of writing, please assist your child if necessary and most important is a clear picture of child and space to move around for singing. 
The children will be muted for most of the duration of the session. 
Please work with your children so that everybody can enjoy everybody’s 
participation. It won’t be very encouraging if some of them walk off during the lesson (for the others). 
I have a limit of 40 minutes on my Zoom account so we have to start at 10am as it will automatically finish at 10:30. 
Materials needed:
1) A blank piece of paper and a pen
2) One A4 piece of paper, or cardboard, or paper plate , with a huge A on it, and another one with a huge B on it. 
3) Paper and colouring/craft bits to make a picture during the service. 
Looking forward to seeing you all! Love Roelien
ps. as per my message this is mainly for the younger children but older children like Rosie very welcome to join for the fun and fellowship. 

Some of the resources she used:

Please add your comments on this week’s topic. We learn best when we learn in community.

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