A sermon for the Watford church of Christ

Intro – setting the scene

Last time – what happens when we walk with God

Chapter 17 – circumcision covenant; Sarah the mother; next year; upgraded promises

Change comes at God’s timing; He has good in mind for us; we have a part to play; need closer walk with God as life goes on

I could talk about…..

1. Generosity in action, Genesis 18:1-8

  • Calf – royal generosity – feast
  • Heb 13:2 – ‘strangers

2. Divine Tolerance, Genesis 18:9-15

  • The impossible is laughable
  • Matt 9:23-25 – Jesus laughed at because believes impossible

3. Pressure perverts priorities, Genesis 19:1-11

  • Lot with Abraham; near Sodom; In Sodom – adopted

4. The dangers of doubting God, Genesis 19:12-22

  • Having a doubt is not a problem. Expressing that doubt is not blasphemous. What is tragic is when doubt is used to to argue ourselves out of obedience.
  • Jesus helps you – Jn 20:27

5. The consequences of being dominated by greed and fear, Genesis 19:30-38

  • Greed
  • Fear – attempt control without God

will talk about…

The benefits of walking in the presence of God

We understand the heart of God

1. He is the only legitimate judge

  • Therefore we are at peace

2. He cares about everyone

  • Therefore we pray even for those we don’t like
  • Canaanites – not Israelites
  • Therefore we ask boldly – like Canaanites woman
    • Matt 15:22ff

Abraham a man of humility and boldness


  • God does more than Abraham asks – rescues Lot, Gen 19:27-29
  • Abe foreshadowing the heart of Jesus
    • Told us to pray for our enemies, Matt 5:44
    • Prayed for his, Luke 23:34

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