I sense that God is calling me to greater collaboration with fellow-teachers in 2019. It’s been on my heart and mind for a few months now, and I’m getting to a place of concrete action. I need more stimulation in my own teaching from personal interaction with people. I read, I do online courses, watch videos, and again a lot of exposure from many sources. However, the area I’m lacking is in ongoing discussion, feedback and, for want of a better word, banter about teaching with people of like-mind.

Thus, this year I have three objectives which I believe will greatly  refresh my teaching effectiveness.

  1. A “Teachers’ mastermind group”.
  2. A “Teachers’ network”.
  3. At least one, possibly two, teaching events.

I’ll share more on these as I develop my thinking, talk to people and refine the plans.

What are your teaching goals for this year?  Mine is to be more connected and interactive with other teachers. What about you? I would love to know.

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Please add your comments on this week’s topic. We learn best when we learn in community. 

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