unknownWould you like an extra few minutes a day? An hour? Me too! Whatever makes email easier must be a good thing. Here you go ….

Allow me to point you in the direction of something that’s given me time and reduced headaches. I don’t often endorse products (and I’m not being paid for this), but Unroll.me has been a blessing these last few weeks. I’ll not dwell here on the details (their web site will explain much better than I) but the key operational idea is to roll up many emails into one that’s scheduled to arrive in your inbox at the time and frequency you prefer.

Some emails I’ve exempted from this system, but the rest are rolled up into one email a day. Clicking on a thumbnail takes me to that particular email online if I so wish. The unsubscribe feature means I also receive far less junk than previously.

Oh, and it’s free. Nice.

Do you have any email strategies that work well for you? Let’s share them and tame the email monster. Roll up the email and go and do something more interesting (an important) instead! Let’s take a tip from Joshua 10.18, “Roll large rocks up to the mouth of the inbox, and post Unroll.me there to guard it.” Not sure if my Hebrew is completely accurate there.