In some ways there’s no significant difference between your first sermon and your thousandth. However, we all have to start somewhere.  An entire book could be written on this topic. But, I will focus on presentation issues rather than preparation.

  1. Practice. Rehearse your first sentence and your conclusion. Starting clearly and confidently will help you settle into your preaching. It will also help your audience relax. I assume they know you are inexperienced. They will be excited for you, and nervous with you. Beginning confidently will help everyone. Ending confidently with a reiteration of your main point will make sure that everyone has something valuable to take away. Even if you have drifted during the body of your lesson, at least they will have heard your main point clearly.
  2. Minimum Tech. Keep your use of technology to the minimum. I am a fan of slides, video, audio, props, role play, audience interaction and more. However, these all take time to learn. My advice is to use a paper Bible (not electronic) and print your sermon on paper (not using an iPad or laptop). If you do use slides, keep them uncluttered. Minimum wording, pictures are preferable.
I hope you find these two thoughts helpful. What have I missed? What else is important?
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God bless, Malcolm