Today we reflect on the series. I hope you are not overwhelmed by all the material. The idea is not to become instantly perfect in all areas, but rather to ask God to reveal which area he would wish you to develop. Has something stood out? Let me list the main topics we have covered.

  1. The case for expository preaching
  2. What’s the Big Idea?
  3. Tools of the Trade
  4. The road from text to sermon
  5. The Arrow and the Target
  6. The Shapes Sermons Take
  7. Making Dry Bones Live
  8. Start with a Bang and Quit All Over
  9. The Dress of Thought
  10. How to Preach so People will Listen
  11. A Final Word

In re-reading the book for the AIM homiletics module and this series, the area that God has pointed me to is a combination of the “Big Idea” and the “Arrow and the target”. I am seeing the value in simplifying more of my messages to ensure they have one main idea and a clear target. The result has been tighter, shorter lessons (on the whole).

What is your main takeaway?

We have two more teaching tips left in 2023. Next week we will reflect on teaching and preaching lessons from the year, and the week after explore preaching and teaching growth for 2024.

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Remember to keep calm, and carry on teaching.

God bless, Malcolm