Date: Sunday 21st May

Location: Bracknell

Special occasion: none


Jack Legon preached, TJ & Sonia shared communion and Fabian & Gene welcomed us and prayed.

All the speakers were under 30. Their youthfulness was refreshing, and very encouraging for some of us older folks. Jack’s highlight was sharing about meeting his father for the first time. His vulnerability was endearing and helpful in illustrating God’s love for us as our eternal father.

Today’s lessons: remember the value of relevant personal sharing. Continue to put younger people up to speak.


The singing was super today. Of special note was the song Alex Mankoo wrote. There’s nothing like singing a song written by a member of the congregation. We started the service with a prayer based on Psalm 8 which led into the first song – based as it was on that Psalm. An effective way to bring us together to worship as a body.

Today’s lesson: suggest more members write songs.


The connection was helped by the fact that Jack & TJ were ‘old boys’ returning to their mother church. There’s a special vibe when old friends come back to visit. It made me wonder if we should invite former members back more often. It also helped that they were accompanied by their fiancee and wife respectively. Sonia’s sharing was helpful. We must have Amy share the next time she comes.

Today’s lesson: look through a list of former members to see if we can get them back to speak.

Other Matters

  • The prayer time with the worship team was a delight, and helpful in setting our hearts in the right place.

Today’s lesson: remind people to arrive in time for a prayer together.

Last week I said we would prioritise:

  1. Put a children’s song in the first part of the service – was not appropriate on this occasion, but we should do it next week in Lower Earley
  2. Teach a cappella harmony songs to the singers – we did that for two songs.

This week I’ll prioritise:

  1. Put a children’s song in the first part of the service
  2. Remind all speakers to share personally.

Let me know your ideas. You can leave a message here, or send me an email:

God bless,