Here is your 2-minute tip based on the book, “Plain speaking: How to preach and teach effectively” by David Bercot.

“…it’s of utmost importance that when you read from the Bible, it enhances your sermon rather than detracts from it.” 112

Bercot offers several tips. Five are below.

  1. Check your references
  2. Read an intelligible translation
  3. Repeat the Scripture reference
  4. Pause before reading
  5. Read with expression. For example, think of how different Matthew 5.3 sounds when we read it with meaning.

What are your thoughts on the techniques Bercot raises?

Next time, we will speak about the special place for devotionals.

Has today’s tip been worth two minutes of your time? I hope so.

Remember to keep calm and carry on teaching.

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Remember to keep calm, and carry on teaching.

God bless, Malcolm