Here is your 2-minute tip based on the book, “Plain speaking: How to preach and teach effectively” by David Bercot.
“Bloopers and memory lapses are no big deal…you can conquer the fear they’ve held over you.”
Bercot offers the following advice.

1. Own Up. If something minor goes wrong, don’t draw attention to it. Otherwise the congregation will be unnecessarily distracted. Not so long ago I didn’t have the page numbers printed on my sermon notes. I got the pages in a muddle. Rather than draw attention to the fact, I paused for a few moments to sort them out. I doubt anybody noticed.
However, if it’s obvious to everyone, acknowledge it. When you’re having a conversation with a friend and your mind suddenly goes blank and you say, “I’ve completely forgotten what I was going to say next!”, everyone laughs and no one thinks it’s a big deal. If something like that happens when you are delivering a lesson, simply tell the congregation. Have a laugh together, and it will help your congregation to believe you are human. It can be bonding rather than problematic.

2. Plan ahead. If you are especially nervous about the lesson, plan what to do if you get tongue-tied. Have a relevant Scripture, quote, or the lyrics of a hymn to hand. If your mind goes blank you can invite someone to read them, giving yourself a few moments to clear your head.
What are your thoughts on the ideas Bercot raises?

Next time, we will explore reading Scriptures with zest!
Has today’s tip been worth two minutes of your time? I hope so.
Remember to keep calm and carry on teaching.

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Remember to keep calm, and carry on teaching.

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