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“By The Spirit”, Class 3 Information

Lesson series for the Thames Valley churches of Christ What’s happening this Friday, 26 July 2019? It’s our third class in the series on the Holy Spirit. This time looking at Galatians chapter 5 and “Walking by the Spirit”. Please add your comments on this week’s topic. We learn best when we learn in community. […]

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“How to help the nearby needy”

How can we help the nearby needy? We run through an overview of the Bible’s teaching on helping the needy from the Old Testament to Jesus, to the early church, and the Apostle Paul. A discussion followed (not recorded) based on three questions: i. Who are my nearby needy? ii. How can I help my […]

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“How To Be Humble, Hungry and Smart – Part 2”

Last week I introduced the question as to which might be the most essential spiritual qualities for a disciple. My suggestion was these: humble, hungry and smart. The book, “The ideal team player: how to recognise and cultivate the three essential virtues” by Patrick Lencioni, provides a fascinating insight into the significance of these three […]


The Three Trees

There are many trees in the Bible. I once contemplated writing a book about the spiritual lessons to be learned from trees and the use of wood. It might still happen (the ark, sticks on Isaac’s back, the tabernacle, etc.). The thought came back to mind this week because we had an outdoor ‘forest/nature’ church service. […]