Sometimes we need to slow down to be surprised. The fast pace of our lives might mean we miss the marvellous.

I’ve been back on my bicycle recently and enjoying the benefits. Feeling fitter, seeing different sights. Yesterday’s ride took me past a house I’ve seen dozens of times – or rather, a house I’ve passed many times, but never really ‘seen‘.

It is a wooden (or wood-clad) house set on the edge of Cassiobury in West Watford. All other homes around it are built with brick or stone. This one alone stands tall with timber. It’s a strange sight, but attractive, unique and mysterious.

How many wonderful things do we miss because we’re going too fast. Speed-reading a book (or our Bible) has its place, but some passages need to be read slowly, or several times to be absorbed.  Driving through our neighbourhood might be necessary at times, but how will we get to know our neighbours and see their needs unless we cycle or walk the streets as well?

Jesus walked everywhere – so did Paul, Moses, Abraham, Peter and, well, all the great men and women of faith in the Bible (I know the occasional horse, donkey or mule was involved, but you know what I mean). It didn’t seem to hurt their effectiveness for God. They walked on paths, through deserts, up mountains and even on water!

Take a walk on the slow side today – and see what you’re missing. I’m off for a walk.