Quiet Time Coaching Episode 482 | New Thing Series — Part 37 | “Esther’s Teamwork” | Malcolm Cox

A new thing! I’m Malcolm Cox. Welcome to your daily devotional podcast anchored in Isaiah 43:19: ‘See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.’

We are currently looking at God doing a new thing in the life of Esther. Today we explore Esther’s teamwork.

Mordecai hears the proclamation to kill all the Jews. He sends a message to Esther telling her what to do:

“Mordecai also gave him a copy of the written decree issued in Susa for their destruction, that he might show it to Esther, explain it to her, and charge her to go to the king to make supplication to him and entreat him for her people.” (Esther 4:8 NRSV)

She replies with a message reminding him that she is not permitted to enter the king’s presences without invitation. She could die. Mordecai insists she must do it because the fate of the Jews is at stake. She sends back a message:

“Then Esther said in reply to Mordecai, “Go, gather all the Jews to be found in Susa, and hold a fast on my behalf, and neither eat nor drink for three days, night or day. I and my maids will also fast as you do. After that I will go to the king, though it is against the law; and if I perish, I perish.” Mordecai then went away and did everything as Esther had ordered him.” (Esther 4:15-17 NRSV)

Esther’s Teamwork

  • Esther is obedient to her cousin
    • “Esther had not revealed her nationality and family background, because Mordecai had forbidden her to do so.” (Esther 2:10 NIV11)
    • “But Esther had kept secret her family background and nationality just as Mordecai had told her to do, for she continued to follow Mordecai’s instructions as she had done when he was bringing her up.” (Esther 2:20 NIV11)
  • At other times Mordecai is obedient to her – as we saw in Esther 4:15-17
  • The quality of their teamwork is remarkable and says a great deal about their respect for one another and their recognition of what God had called them to.
  • Esther had her responsibilities — Mordecai had his. They directed each other for the good of God’s people.

For Reflection
Respect for the strengths of another person is healthy. My wife is a doctor. What would it profit me to argue about medical matters with her? I am a musician. It would make no sense for her to argue with me regarding the merits of the key of Db major as the best key for the end of the third movement of Debussy’s orchestral piece – La Mer! We are built for teamwork in the kingdom of God. Part of what it means to be a community of faith is to discover the ways we can cooperate with one another to further God’s agenda for the salvation of as many as possible. Who are you working with to that end?

Why not take some time today to ask God help you work well together with other people (men or women) to accomplish things for his glory?

I hope you find your heart, your life, your congregation and your world inspired by God doing a new thing. Until tomorrow, take care, and God bless.

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