Yes, there is STILL only one thing I want to talk about at the moment.

Tomorrow morning we are kicking off our three-part series called, “Is there a message in the mayhem?”. Chris Birtles and Simon Dinning are our first two speakers.

After their classes we will have somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes of discussion in breakout rooms.

Tomorrow’s focus is, “Why do these things happen?” Why does suffering happen? Where is God in it? How can we grow and develop as we go through times of trial? In this session we will explore what key passages from the Bible say about these and other related questions – starting with the creation account. We continue by considering the ministry of Jesus, and how the writings of the apostles and prophets give us hope now and for the future as they point to the ultimate hope.

The handout is available on the dedicated page on my website.

The video of Chris’s class can be found by clicking here. And Simon’s class can be found by clicking here.

If you haven’t yet registered you can do so by looking at the page mentioned above, or by going straight to the Eventbrite meeting page. As of the time of writing we are nudging up against 100 people who are planning to attend.

I do hope you can join us. If not, please do two things. Firstly, pass this information on to someone you think might be interested. Secondly, watch the videos at your own leisure and let me know any further questions or comments you have on the contents. That will help us as we plan the second and third sessions coming up next Saturday 6th June and the following Saturday, 13th June.

Finally, may I solicit your prayers for this event. We have never, as a group of friends, put on anything quite like this. We are very excited, if a little nervous!

God bless, Malcolm