Newsletter 23 May 2020, Episode 47

There is only one thing to talk about this week. Yes, I’ve had a very productive week of recording podcasts (interview with Ian Mohlie to be published in the future), making a YouTube video about the Lord’s Supper, and many more fun and meaningful things.


There is only one thing I want to talk about, and that is a special three-part teaching and discussion series coming up the next three Saturdays in a row. Who is involved? Let me explain.

I love the friendships I share with Rob Payne, Andy Ezeilo, Andy Boakye, Chris Birtles and Simon Dinning. These men enrich me. They inspire me. All have a commitment to being the most effective they can be as they teach and preach God’s word. We meet online every month or so. The Spirit moved us to design a set of three classes/discussions about what God might be teaching us through the current COVID-19 crisis.

Follow the link to the dedicated page on my website, and the Eventbrite registration page. There you will find more information. We will be adding detail over the coming days, but you can register straightaway. We are not charging but we would be grateful for any donations to that wonderful charity Hope worldwide.

The approach we are taking is detailed on the pages mentioned above. Suffice it to say for the moment that our desire is to explore what this situation is teaching us about the nature and character of God, what this means for us now as we try to live out our lives as disciples of Christ, and what it might mean for the future of church services, modes of worship, methods of outreach and loving relationships.

In no sense are we planning to offer all the answers – simply some biblical perspectives that will help our discussions. Each session will feature roughly half an hour of teaching from two of the men and possibly some of their friends, and approximately half an hour of smaller group discussion.

We hope and pray that the meetings will be meaningful for members of our churches, the wider Christian community, and anyone interested in finding out a Christian perspective on these matters whether they are Christians themselves or not.

The Thames Valley church are sponsoring the events together with HOPE worldwide.

The dates are 30th May, 6th June, 13th June, all beginning at 11 AM.

I do hope you can join us, and whether you can or not, please pass information on to anybody amongst your friends who you think might be interested. Indeed, ask them to pass on to their friends and so on!

God bless, Malcolm