The way we think about preaching matters. I offer some thoughts on preaching definitions. What are yours? Please add your comments on this week’s topic. We learn best when we learn in community.

Here are the preaching definitions quoted in the recording:

  • John Ruskin: “30 minutes the raise the dead in”
  • Packer: “Preaching is incarnational communication from God, prophetic, persuasive and powerful – that is, power-full.”
  • Brookes: “Truth through personality”
  • Sweazey: “Truth through personality in the midst of personalities”
  • Manning: “Preaching is a manifestation of the Incarnate Word from the Written Word by the spoken word.”
  • Fosdick: “drenching the congregation in one’s life’s blood”
  • Carson: “Preaching is not speaking about truth before the congregation, but speaking truth to the congregation.”
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Thanks again for watching. Have a terrific Tuesday, and a wonderful week.

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