For a third and final time we ask…. “Is there a message in the mayhem?” – Newsletter 14 June 2020; Episode 50

It’s been a bumper week of inspiring news and challenging news. Like most weeks. In the last few days my mother has been in hospital. She came out and my father-in-law went in. Not the same hospital. The anguish of their hospitalisation without the ability to receive us as visitors has been tempered by the joy of their release from hospital.

Conversations in our fellowships around the black lives matter issue have created healing, understanding and hurt. The meaningfulness of such deep and rich conversations has been tempered by seeing the sadness and pain in both those who speak and those who listen.

Truly we are learning how to mourn with those who mourn and to rejoice with those who rejoice.

I recommend reading this article by my friend Obi Abuchi – “We can all be dangerously tribal”

Another helpful post comes from my buddy, Douglas Jacoby – “Reflections on Race”

What can one say, except God hates it when human beings visit injustice on other human beings. His hope is for healing. His hope is for his kingdom will to be done here on earth. My duty and all of ours is to do our part in living kingdom values in such a way as to disrupt and dismantle the values of this world.

In contrast with the agony of injustice, our third session of, “Is there a message in the mayhem?” took place this past Saturday. It was an unalloyed joy! About 120 people gathered online for talks by Dr Andy Boakye and myself.

The full session can be found here. And the pdf is here.

What is next? We’re sending out a survey in the next day or two seeking feedback. If you have any suggestions for future events including suggested topics and frequency, I’d love to hear from you.

God bless, Malcolm