A King of England some several centuries ago insisted a weir be built here so that he could cross the river – to enjoy his hawking. Ah how the other half lived! At least now it is a lovely picnic spot for Penny, me and the dog.  Hot soup, great sandwiches and superb company.  

We stopped here at the north end of the Lee Valley Park on the way back from a walk in Bishop’s Stortford.  
Incidentally, whenever I see a weir I cannot but help recall something our English teacher (Mr Thickett) taught us at school to help us remember the exceptions to the, ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’, rule.  It went something like this, “Sheila and Keith, the protein-eating counterfeiters were seized by weird thoughts at the weir.”  He taught us that 35 years ago.  I still remember it. The power of a good mnemonic or rhyme is amazing.