Tuesday Teaching Tips: “How to preach outdoors” – VIDEO

Speaking outdoors can be a challenge, but an exciting opportunity. I share five tips to make us as effective as possible:

1. Confidence
2. Conditions
3. Props
4. Voice
5. One point

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Tuesday Teaching Tips: “How to include God” – VIDEO

Father, Son, Holy Spirit

Are our lessons really about God? It’s easy to emphasise practical application at the expense of a focus on God.

I share two practical ways to make sure we keep God the main thing.

What are your ideas to keep God front and centre as we speak? Please leave a comment below.

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How can we live hopefully in a world of sadness? Jesus gives us insight as he talks about the resurrected life in an age where we cannot die, we are like the angels, and we are children of God.

We learn the value of praying hopefully – praying about:

1. Heaven

2. Others

3. Patiently

4. Expectantly

Tuesday Teaching Tips: “How to add mystery to your lessons” – VIDEO

Taking a lesson from Leon


My friend Leon preached a super sermon on, Luke 20.20-26, and included some mystery.
His points were: T.A.X.
Treachery; Authenticity & X…..?
1. Significance: Hold attention, but not too much information
2. Jesus: Luke 15:11 “There was a man who had two sons.”
3. Issues: Must relate to core idea & beware being manipulated
4. How? Short & applicable

Tuesday Teaching Tips: “How to regain energy in a talk” – VIDEO

What do we do when the energy in our talk evaporates? How can we regain the right energy without becoming ‘shouty’? We look at six strategies for reclaiming and reinjecting the energy that will help our talks have greater impact.

Tuesday Teaching Tips: “How to use a lectern”

Lecterns can be a blessing, or a curse depending on how they are used. We look at some practicals for making them our friends instead of our enemies.


Tuesday Teaching Tips: “How to use questions in a talk” – VIDEO

Why are questions so important? What’s the best way to ask a question in a talk?

Corporate Worship Convictions: “Lamenting the lack of lament”

What are songs of lament? Why are they important? Why do we not sing more of them?

Tuesday Teaching Tips: “Apply it to yourself first”

How can we avoid hypocrisy? What will help us to apply a lesson to ourselves before we apply it to others? Hear my embarrassing story.

Tuesday Teaching Tips: “Prayer Before Preaching” – VIDEO

Three ideas for prayer before preaching

Why should we pray before preaching – and when? We look at three ideas to help us with insight, submission and authenticity.