Tuesday Teaching Tips: “How to preach outdoors” – AUDIO

Speaking outdoors can be a challenge, but an exciting opportunity. I share five tips to make us as effective as possible:


1. Confidence
2. Conditions
3. Props
4. Voice
5. One point

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“Prayers That Move God To Act – Part 1”
by Malcolm Cox

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Prayer Podcast
23 June 2017

How to pray so God hears and acts.

One way you can develop a healthy prayer life is to pray in such a way as to be confident God will act.

Charles Spurgeon said, “Prayer is the slender nerve that moveth the muscles of omnipotence.” Nerves are so tiny, aren’t they? I’ve got some damaged nerves from knee surgery. Hit me on my left knee in just the right place and I won’t feel a thing. I don’t think I’ve ever physically seen a nerve, but the movement of my muscles depends on them. Spurgeon saw prayers as the nerves that move God’s mighty muscles. I like that picture. It reminds me….

Tuesday Teaching Tips: “How to include God” – AUDIO

Father, Son, Holy Spirit

Are our lessons really about God? It’s easy to emphasise practical application at the expense of a focus on God.

I share two practical ways to make sure we keep God the main thing.

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“Tuesday Teaching Tips: “How to add mystery to your lessons””
by Malcolm Cox

Tuesday Teaching Tips
13 June 2017

My friend Leon preached a super sermon on, Luke 20.20-26, and included some mystery.

His points were: T.A.X.

Treachery; Authenticity & X…..?

1. Significance: Hold attention, but not too much information

2. Jesus: Luke 15:11 “There was a man who had two sons.”

3. Issues: Must relate to core idea & beware being manipulated

4. How? Short & applicable

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How to pray when you have exams

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Tuesday Teaching Tips: “How to use a lectern”

Lecterns can be a blessing, or a curse depending on how they are used. We look at some practicals for making them our friends instead of our enemies.

Tuesday Teaching Tips: “How to use questions in a talk”

Lamenting the Lack of Lament

Where are all the lament songs?

Tuesday Teaching Tips: “Prayer Before Preaching” – AUDIO

Why should we pray before preaching – and when? We look at three ideas to help us with insight, submission and authenticity.

“Solitude is golden” – A review of “Thoughts in solitude” by Thomas Merton

The world is populated by too many mindless men and women. Merton shows us how solitude can help us to have clarity and faith.