Quick Quiet Time Thought: Hebrews 2:12

Here’s a short reflection on Hebrews 2:12 from my Bible study this morning.

The writer quotes Psalm 22: “I will declare your name to my brothers and sisters; in the assembly I will sing your praises.”

This Psalm was seen as Messianic by the early church. Jesus quotes it on the cross, Mark 15:34. The point of the quote in Hebrews is to demonstrate that Jesus praises God to his family. The astonishing fact that we are his brothers and sisters is reinforced by quoting the Psalm. However another point struck me.

Jesus sings!

Jesus delights to sing God’s praises among the faithful.  “Sing” translates humneso, from which we get ‘hymn’. Jesus ‘hymns’ God’s praises to and among his spiritual family. The Hebrew original of Psalm 22.22 is that he ‘ahalls’ God. Halal, when attached to yhwh gives us the word hallelujah.

If Jesus hymns God and hallelujahs him, we’re in good company when we sing God’s praises among our brothers and sisters. We’re singing with Jesus. What a thought!

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I hope you have a wonderful quiet time today.

God bless, Malcolm

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